Checkpoint & TSA Violations: Detroit Metro Airport, 34th District Court in Romulus

Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport in Romulus, Michigan, is home to one of busiest airports in the United States which meets the needs of domestic and international travelers. This area is serviced by several law enforcement agencies including the Romulus Police, Wayne County Sherriff Department and Michigan State Police. State and ordinance criminal offenses (including TSA – Checkpoint violations) which occur at Detroit Metro Airport are handled at the 34th District Court which is located at:

34th District Court
11131 Wayne Rd
Romulus, MI
Phone: 734-941-4462

Transportation and Safety Administration – TSA

The Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA), created in 2001, is a Federal agency which provides security for passenger and freight transportation in the United States. It is the role of TSA agents to screen and clear passengers for the safety and protection of everyone entering onto airport property. TSA utilizes a variety of security measures to inspect cargo and passengers to accomplish a safe environment.

Metro Airport TSA-Checkpoint Violations, Prohibited Items, Civil & Criminal Penalties

It is the job of TSA agents to provide security by preventing prohibited items in restricted areas of the airport. Passengers with flight plans are subject to full search and screening procedures at designated TSA checkpoints within the terminal and before being allowed to proceed to the airport gates.

The TSA has strict regulations regarding items that are prohibited in designated areas of an airport. The list of prohibited items includes weapons and other items that may be used as a weapon. Civil and/or criminal penalties may apply to any individual in possession of prohibited items in a restricted area without prior approval from appropriate authorities. A person that is caught with a prohibited item at an airport, such as a gun or knife, may face one or more of the following legal situations:

  • TSA Notice of Violation for civil penalties (fine)
  • TSA referral for State or Federal criminal charges
  • A checkpoint violation (typically handled in the 34th District Court)
  • Interview by TSA agent to determine future travel risk
  • All of the above

TSA civil monetary penalties can range between $250.00 (possession of chlorine) to $11,000.00 (possession of explosives). The TSA will also consider whether there are any aggravating or mitigating factors, such as: degree of the security risk created by the violation, whether the violation was inadvertent or deliberate, violation history of the offender, attitude of violator and level of concealment.

Checkpoint violations in the 34th District Court are eligible for dismissal!

A checkpoint violation that occurs at Detroit’s Metro Airport in Romulus is treated as a criminal offense. Failure to take these matters seriously can result in a permanent criminal history that will stigmatize the offender forever.

The majority of checkpoint violation cases that we handle involve the unintentional possession of an item that is prohibited by the TSA (usually a knife or cutting instrument) that is confiscated at an airport checkpoint. When a prohibited item is found, a citation is issued by local authorities instructing the offender to *contact the 34th District Court to face criminal charges. The offender is often allowed to proceed with his or her travel plans unless the violation is found to be extreme (possession of explosives) or the offender poses a further threat or security risk. The offender should contact an attorney as soon as practical for advice before contacting the court or any authorities.

Unfortunately, many of our clients facing a checkpoint violation reside in places outside of Michigan. Because a checkpoint violation is a criminal matter, a personal appearance in court is usually mandatory. However, the 34th District Court will allow a Michigan licensed attorney to provide legal representation and appear for all court proceedings on behalf of the offender.

ABDO LAW has efficiently and effectively assisted Michigan residents and non-residents with Detroit Metro Airport criminal/misdemeanor checkpoint violations. We can answer most of your questions and get your case under control with a single phone call. You will be comforted in the knowledge that we have extensive experience and our positive historical case results handling these matters. Our services include:

  • Retaining our services via email with credit card or other form of payment.
  • Stating a fixed/flat rate fee up front, not an hourly fee with unknown terms.
  • Our lawyers will take care of all communications with the court and prosecutor.
  • You will be represented by an attorney for every scheduled court date and you will not be required to ever appear for a court proceeding *unless you are charged with a Federal crime or felony.
  • If you have a clean record, you will receive a disposition with a dismissal of the charge after a period of probation. The period of probation is subject to the court’s discretion.
  • You will be notified of the case result and final instructions immediately following our court appearance.

*Mandatory court appearances are required for those charged with a Federal crime or felony.

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