Chesterfield, New Baltimore and the 42-2 District Court (Division 2)

The 42nd District Court has two (2) divisions. The first division, 42-1 District Court, is located in Romeo. The second division, 42-2 District Court, located in New Baltimore, serves the remainder of the district, including Chesterfield Township, New Baltimore, Lenox Township and New Haven. As of 2008, Chesterfield was estimated to have a population of over 44,000 people. In terms of size, Chesterfield Township is 30.7 square miles. The Township has two primary and secondary school districts, L'anse Cruise Public Schools and Anchor Bay School District. In terms of governance, the Township is run by a Board of Trustees and a Township Supervisor. Notably, the community is home of the toy train manufacturer, Lionel.

Neighboring Chesterfield Township is the lake front City of New Baltimore. Known for its vistas along the coast of Lake St. Clair's Anchor Bay. New Baltimore was incorporated as a village in 1867 (and later a city in 1931). The City of New Baltimore is 6.7 miles in size and as of 2008 was home to more than 11,000.

The Court is located at 35071 23 Mile Road, New Baltimore, Michigan 48047 and is presided over by the Honorable Judge William Hackel III. You can reach the court via phone at (586) 725 9500.