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Clinton Township, Harrison Township, Mt. Clemens and the 41-B District Court

Michigan has 83 counties, and each county has one or more judicial district courts. The number of district courts in each county depends upon the size of the population. In Macomb County, there are 9 district courts. In Oakland County, there are 14 district courts.

The 41B District Court has jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases that arise in Clinton Township, Harrison Township and Mt. Clemens. These communities are mostly residential with approximately 60,000 households and a combined population greater than 140,000 residents. ABDO LAW firm is located in the heart of Clinton Township, and we call the 41B District Court our “Home Court”.

  • Clinton Township is ranked as the seventh largest community in Michigan with a population estimated at 100,000. There are several notable medical facilities, including Children’s Hospital and Henry Ford Hospital, located in Clinton Township. Clinton Township is also home to Macomb County Community College which has an enrollment of approximately 25,000 students. Our top picks for restaurants located in Clinton Township are Cooper’s Hawk, Luciano’s and The Brewery.
  • Harrison Township covers an area of 23 square miles and is an established residential and nautical community with frontage on Lake St. Clair. Selfridge Air National Guard Base (SANG) and Lake St. Clair Metropark are located in Harrison Township. Luigi’s (Italian) and Terry’s Terrace (local seafood) are a couple of our favorite restaurant recommendations in Harrison Township.
  • Mt. Clemens is where you will find the county seat for Macomb County. It is the smallest community in the jurisdiction of the 41B District Court with a population of approximately 16,000 residents. Prior to World War II, Mt. Clemens became famous throughout the world as a mineral bath destination. The Macomb County Circuit Court, Macomb Juvenile Court, Macomb Prosecutor’s Office, and Macomb County Sheriff’s Department are all located in Mt. Clemens. For an excellent dining experience and ambience, we highly recommend the Bath City Bistro, located in downtown Mt. Clemens.

ABDO LAW, has every TOP national rating for legal ability and has practiced criminal law and drunk driving longer than most other law firms in Metro Detroit. Do not hesitate to call us if you are facing a drunk driving, misdemeanor, felony, or any criminal matter in any court located in Macomb County for a proven WINNING plan tailored to get you out of the court system.

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41B District Court Contact Information

Legal matters such as, felony cases, misdemeanors, drunk driving, and traffic tickets that occur in Clinton Township, Harrison Township and Mt. Clemens, are handled at the 41B District Court:

Address: 22380 Starks Drive, Clinton Township, Michigan 48036
Phone: 586-469-9300, Criminal Ex: 6, Traffic Ex: 5
Criminal Email Address:
Traffic Email Address:
Case Lookup Link:
Zoom Administrator ID: 218-957-8812
Zoom ID for Magistrate (traffic or arraignment): 843-970-5882

Three judges and a magistrate handle the 41B District Court caseload:

  • Judge Sebastian Lucido
  • Judge Carrie Lynn Fuca
  • Judge Jacob Femminineo, Jr.
  • Magistrate Ryan Zemke

Families Against Narcotics (FAN), spearheaded by former 41B District Court Judge Linda Davis has a motto: “Saving lives by empowering individuals and communities to prevent and eradicate addiction.” This motto resonates as the theme of the 41B District Court to help those in the court system to regain their sanity.

Criminal Case Process in the 41B District Court

A crime is an offense which carries the possibility of jail. A civil infraction, such as a speeding ticket, is not criminal and does not carry any jail time. In Michigan, crimes are classified as misdemeanors (which carry a maximum of 1 year in jail or less) or felonies (which carry more than 1 year, up to life, imprisonment). A criminal case is instituted in the 41B District Court by:

  • Issuance of a criminal citation or ticket (retail fraud, disorderly conduct, leaving scene of accident, reckless driving).
  • Commission of a crime resulting in an arrest (drunk driving).
  • Notification by mail to appear in court for an outstanding warrant.

Contact an experience criminal defense lawyer if you are the subject of a criminal investigation or if you are notified to appear for an arraignment. You have a right to remain silent so don’t agree to a police interview or take a polygraph without consulting with a lawyer. By talking to the police, you can easily incriminate yourself by placing yourself at the crime scene or establishing anger towards the victim.

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Police Agencies: The following police agencies operate to enforce the laws of the State of Michigan and local ordinances in geographic region of the 41B District Court: Clinton Township Police and Macomb County Sheriff Department. The Michigan State Police monitor a stretch of the I-94 Expressway that runs through Clinton Township.

Contact ABDO LAW if you are faced with any of the following situations in the 41B District Court:

Being Charged With a Crime Does Not Mean You Will Be Found Guilty

We have the highest national ratings and can get your criminal case under control by avoiding a conviction, avoiding jail, avoiding loss of license and:

  • Avoiding a felony or misdemeanor record.
  • Getting a criminal offense sealed for a youthful offender ages 18-25.
  • Getting dismissals for retail fraud and domestic violence cases.
  • Getting Sobriety Court disposition for repeat drunk drivers.
  • Avoiding points for traffic tickets.
  • Avoiding jail and loss of license for drunk driving cases.
  • Getting old crimes expunged under Michigan’s Clean Slate Law.
Drunk Driving or Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

Drunk driving encompasses driving under the influence or while impaired due to the consumption of alcohol or any presence of a schedule 1 controlled substance (heroin, marijuana). You can also be charged with driving under the influence if the use of a prescribed medication (e.g., medications used for pain, sleep, or psychological issues) caused impairment.

According to the Michigan State Police Statistics, in 2022 there were 1,890 individuals tested for drugs or alcohol in Macomb County and 3,619 tested in Oakland County. Most of those tested were charged with driving under the influence. In Clinton Township and surrounding areas (Sterling Heights, Shelby Township), police agencies administered hundreds of breath and blood tests to determine intoxication or impairment due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs. The charge for drunk driving applies to individuals that register a blood alcohol content (BAC) over the legal limit:

  • OWI (operating a vehicle with a BAC of .08 or greater)
  • OWI with a high BAC (operating a vehicle with a BAC of .17 or greater)
Shoplifting: Retail Fraud

Retail fraud, formerly known as shoplifting, is on the rise everywhere in the United States. Retail fraud is also of the most prevalent cases that we handle in every district court in Macomb County. Retail fraud can occur by concealing an item while shopping, changing a price tag or by attempting to defeat payment for an item at the point of purchase or scanner. The penalty for retail fraud is dependent upon two factors: the dollar value of the goods stolen and the prior shoplifting record of the offender.

  • Retail Fraud 1st Degree: Felony, maximum penalty of 5 years in prison if the value of goods taken is $1,000.00 or more.
  • Retail Fraud 2nd Degree: Misdemeanor, maximum penalty of 1 year in jail if the value of goods taken is $200.00 to $1,000.00.
  • Retail Fraud 3rd Degree: Misdemeanor, maximum penalty of 93 days in jail if the value of goods taken is under $200.00.

Fortunately, most retail fraud cases can be dismissed with no jail for first time offenders.

CONTACT ABDO LAW to find out how we can get your life under control with a winning strategy to get you out of the court system with the best possible results. There is no need to be afraid. We have experience handling over 10,000 criminal cases and there is a good chance that we have handled a case just like the one that you are facing.

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Client Reviews
The level of service exceeded my expectations, your devotion to my refusal to settle for a lessor misdemeanor was reassuring and inspired, and the team's creative interpretation of the law in finding a comparable civil infraction was legendary. It was a five-star experience. Thank you for refusing to settle when I was innocent of my accused crime. Satisfied Client, Assault Charge DISMISSED
Matt and his staff...turned a terrible situation in my life into a positive life learning experience. Not many court cases end up being a positive in life, but Abdo Law delivered just that. Going with their firm was the best decision I could have made and I owe them everything for turning my bad decision into a extremely manageable situation. Thank you Abdo law!!!! Bill L., Satisfied Client
The Abdo Law Firm represented myself during one of my biggest times of need in my life. They handled my cases with ease and met my expectations far beyond what I anticipated. Not only did they got one, but two domestic violence charges completely dropped. I would have been lost without this five-star Law Firm. Satisfied Client, 2 Separate Assault Charges DISMISSED
Abdo law FOUGHT and got my DUI kicked out of court when my job was on line. Five Stars! Satisfied Client, OWI DISMISSED