Cooperation, Firearms, Forfeitures

We recommend that you contact the ABDO LAW FIRM immediately if your car is searched, home is raided or if you are being charged or investigated for a major or minor drug crime in the Metro Detroit area, including Clinton Township, Warren and Sterling Heights. You may be faced with numerous legal entanglements which we understand and can defend.

Cooperation, Working Undercover, Snitching

If you are charged with a drug crime in Michigan, the police may ask for you to cooperate in exchange for a deal. The police will discourage you from hiring a criminal defense lawyer. The police know that an attorney may be able to defend your case in court, expose an illegal search and seizure or have the matter dismissed pursuant to MCL 333.7411 or HYTA. Cooperation may involve doing dangerous undercover drug deals. Many clients do not realize that cooperation does not end until the police say it ends and do not understand that the police cannot make binding deals unless the prosecutor is involved from the beginning. Our criminal defense lawyers in Macomb County have successfully defended clients charged with drug crimes without cooperation.

Felony Firearm

If you have a gun in your possession during the commission of a drug felony, you can get a mandatory 2 years in prison pursuant to the Michigan Law known as "felony firearm". If you are convicted of felony firearm, you are required to serve the 2 years consecutive to the sentence for the underlying drug felony! This is a grueling law and you can be charged with felony firearm if your home is searched and a firearm is found even though you are not home under a theory of constructive possession.

Property Forfeiture

Forfeiture is the government seizure of property connected to illegal activity. Forfeiture laws are utilized by the federal and Michigan state law enforcement officers in the "war on drugs". If your property or assets have been the subject of a forfeiture, it is important to consult with experienced criminal lawyers to understand your rights and options.

We have been able to get gun charges dropped under certain circumstances when the crime does not connect with the firearm. We deal discreetly and aggressively with prosecutors and police regarding the option of cooperation. We are often able to resolve forfeiture proceedings before things get out of control and you lose everything.