Federal Crimes


Do not hesitate to contact the ABDO LAW FIRM if you find yourself in a situation that involves a federal criminal matter, including search of your premises, investigation or indictment. You may find yourself being questioned by a federal law enforcement officer for involvement in a criminal enterprise or merely are an associate or acquaintance of someone being investigated. The federal authorities have vast monetary resources and manpower to investigate federal crimes. Federal criminal defense lawyers know them to be extremely comprehensive in their investigation and interrogation techniques.

Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

Federal law enforcement agencies include: the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA); Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF); Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Secret Service; U.S. Marshalls Service; Customs Service; Immigration; U.S. Department of Homeland Security; and Postal Inspections Service. Each of these agencies may cooperate with each other, including state and local law enforcement agencies in any investigation.

If You Are Contacted By A Federal Law Enforcement Agency

As a general rule, you should not discuss anything with any law enforcement officer until you have spoken with a lawyer! If you are ever contacted by a federal law enforcement agent or officer, you should be polite and provide your identity if asked. You should also obtain appropriate identification from the federal agent, such as a business card. In some cases, a federal agent may merely be making inquiries to rule out suspects in multiple offender situations. Unfortunately, in the process of talking to an agent, you may end up providing the agent with incriminating statements. By making incriminating statements it may make you a person of greater interest. There are thousands of federal laws, statutes and regulations in the United States Code (USC). When you talk to a federal agent, there is a possibility that you have violated at least one of them.

Federal Crime Categories

Federal jurisdiction may be involved whenever you use the telephone, mail, Internet or physically cross state lines. In addition, whenever federal issues are involved (such as mortgages, Medicare, United States Postal Service) the federal courts may have jurisdiction. Other federal crime categories are listed below.

Crime CategoryUnited States Code
RICO (Racketerring)18 USC § 1961
Child Pornography18 USC § 1466
Drug Charges21 USC § 841
Mail Fraud18 USC § 1341
Wire Fraud18 USC § 1343
Bank Fraud18 USC § 1344
Money Laundering18 USC 1956
Weapons Charges18 USC 922
Computer Crimes18 USC 1030

If you are involved in a federal criminal case, there are numerous concerns and considerations (such as cooperation with law enforcement, seizure and forfeiture of bank accounts and assets) that can only be addressed by a lawyer. Any delay in obtaining a federal criminal lawyer may be costly. Contact the ABDO LAW FIRM if you find yourself in need of a federal criminal defense attorney.