Grosse Pointe Communities and Their Municipal Courts

Grosse Pointe, or “the Pointe”, is the common term used to describe five upscale neighboring communities in Metro Detroit. Grosse Pointe is comprised of Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe Shores, Grosse Pointe Woods, and a city simply named Grosse Pointe.

Grosse Pointe is a city just over one square mile with a population of a little less than 6,000 people. Grosse Pointe is home of “the Village”, which is generally considered to be the heart of all five of the above named municipalities. Its court is located at 17147 Maumee, 48230 and is presided over by Judge Russell F. Ethridge. The court can be reached by phone at 1313-343-5262.

Bordered on the west by Grosse Pointe is Grosse Pointe Farms. Slightly more populous it is the home of almost 10,000 people though its land area is only a little less than three square miles. Notably, it is the 76th wealthiest community in the US. Also, the Farms is the starting point of Lakeshore Drive, the historic scenic road that runs along Lake Saint Clair. The city’s court is located at 90 Kerby Road, 48236 and is presided over by Judge Matthew R. Rumora. It can be reached via phone at 1313-885-2104.

Larger than the prior two cities, the nearby community of Grosse Pointe Woods is home to 17,080 people and is 3.3 square miles in size. Grosse Pointe Woods is the location of the Grosse Pointe Public Library and Grosse Pointe North High School. Its court is on 20025 Mack Avenue, 48236 and is presided over by Judge Theodore A. Metry. It can be reached by telephone at 1313-343-2456.

Lastly, bordering both the lake and the city of Detroit is Grosse Pointe Park. Also one of the smaller communities it is home to less than 12,500 people and has a land area of less than 2.5 square miles. The Carolyn and Ted Ewald Memorial Branch Library, operated by the Grosse Pointe Library, is a 15,000 square foot facility in Grosse Pointe Park that opened in 2005. The city’s court is located at 15115 East Jefferson Avenue, 48230 and is presided over by Judge Carl F. Jarboe. The court’s telephone number is 1313-822-3535.