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Hazel Park, Ferndale & Madison Heights and the 43rd District Courts

 There are 83 counties in Michigan. Wayne County is the largest county in Michigan by population, Oakland County is the second largest, and Macomb County is the third largest. Each county also has a circuit court and district courts. The number of district courts in each county is based upon population. There are 14 district court locations in Oakland County and 9 located in Macomb County. The following are convenient links to all of the district courts located in Oakland County and Macomb County.

Map Oakland County

Hazel Park, Ferndale, and Madison Heights are all located in the southeastern part of Oakland County.

The City of Hazel Park and the 43rd District Court

Incorporated in 1941, this southeastern Oakland County city is home to approximately 15,000 people and covers 2.8 square miles of land. The city shares its borders with Ferndale, Detroit, and Madison Heights. In 1966, Interstate 75 (I-75) was completed through Hazel Park and in 1979, Interstate 696 (I-696) was completed running through Madison Heights and intersecting with I-75 to connect the Macomb and Oakland County suburbs. Mabel Gray, located in Hazel Park, is consistently rated one of the best restaurants in Metro Detroit. Hazel Park is also home to smaller light industrial and engineering businesses.

One of the three (3) divisions of the 43rd District Courts is in Hazel Park:

43rd District Court - Hazel Park Division

43 E. Nine Mile
Hazel Park, MI 48030
Phone: 248-547-3034

The City of Ferndale and the 43rd District Court

The City of Ferndale lies at the intersection of the famous Woodward Avenue and Nine Mile Road and is about one mile north of the Detroit city limit. Ferndale became a city in 1927, and now is home to 20,000 people across its 3.9 square miles of land. Ferndale is known as being a city with liberal and progressive politics. Ferndale is considered a safe place to live with larceny and retail fraud making up 51.7% of the crime rate. Disorderly conduct and assault related crimes are also common offenses seen in the 43rd District Courts for Hazel Park, Ferndale, and Madison Heights. In 2021, the Ferndale Police administered 96 breath or blood test results for individuals accused of driving under the influence (OWI – DUI) of alcohol or drugs according to the Michigan State Police Annual Drunk Driving Audit.

Downtown Ferndale is known for its nightlife and its variety of restaurants and bars. The Rust Belt Market and Valentine Distilling Company are just a few of the attractions in Ferndale. There are several excellent casual dining options in Ferndale including Imperial, One Eyed Betty, and Christine’s Cuisine.

One of the three (3) divisions of the 43rd District Court is in Ferndale.

43rd District Court - Ferndale Division

305 W. Nine Mile Road
Ferndale, MI 48220
Phone: 248-547-8700

The City of Madison Heights and the 43rd District Court

Madison Heights is located in southeastern Oakland County and is home to approximately 30,000 people. The population expands over 7.2 square miles. The city shares its borders with Troy, Clawson, Royal Oak and Warren. Madison Heights is served by Madison Public Schools and Lamphere Public Schools and is home to 1,300 commercial, and light industrial businesses.

One of the three (3) divisions of the 43rd District Court is in Madison Heights.

43rd District Court - Madison Heights Division

200 W. Thirteen Mile Road
Madison Heights, MI 48071
Phone: 248-583-1800

Guide to the Michigan District Court System

If you have a legal problem in any district court located in Michigan, you will want to know a few of your basic rights.

  1. Employees of the court are forbidden by law to give legal advice. Don’t plead guilty to any criminal matter, misdemeanor, felony, or traffic ticket. Contact ABDO LAW to find out how to get a favorable resolution of your case. Did you know that only about 5% of traffic tickets are contested and the rest of them are just paid without any fight. By fighting a traffic ticket, you can save points and thousands of dollars in future insurance premiums.
  2. If you are the subject of a criminal investigation, you should not talk to the police until you have consulted with a lawyer. You have a constitutional right pursuant to the Fifth Amendment to remain silent and you should understand that anything that you say CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU.
  3. In 2021, the police departments within the jurisdictions of the 43rd District Courts administered hundreds of blood and breath tests of motorists accused of drunk or drug driving:
Police Agency Breath or Blood Tests
Hazel ParkFerndaleMadison HeightsMSP Oakland Total

An alcohol test gives a result known as “blood alcohol content” or BAC.


A person that operates a vehicle with a BAC of .08 or greater faces a charge of Operating While Intoxicated. A person that operates a vehicle with a BAC of .17 or more, will be charged with “Super Drunk Driving” or OWI with a high BAC. If you are charged with Drunk Driving, contact an experienced drunk driving attorney, and find out how you may be entitled to get your charge reduced, avoid any jail time, and KEEP YOUR LICENSE!

  • If you are a nonresident or from Canada and you are in Michigan for business or pleasure and need a lawyer, contact ABDO LAW for an efficient plan to free you from the court system and get you the best outcome possible. If you are not a citizen of the United States, you face deportation upon conviction of aggravated felonies or crimes involving moral turpitude such as domestic violence or retail fraud.
  • If you receive a notice to appear in court for an arraignment, pretrial conference, or probable cause conference for a felony, contact a lawyer for representation. Most of our clients have never been in trouble and made a very unfortunate decision that we call an “ISOLATED INCIDENT”. There are always ways to get a criminal case under control and avoid jail and criminal convictions. For Youthful Offenders, age 18 but under age 26, there is a law known as HYTA to get your criminal case SEALED AND DISMISSED.
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