Insurance Fraud

Insurance policies for loss of personal property, motor vehicles and real estate are intended to provide the insured party with compensation upon loss or destruction. However, a person is not covered for a loss when the person intentionally damages the property or causes the loss for the purpose of defrauding the insurance company. Insurance fraud is a felony which can carry up to 4 years imprisonment.

Motor vehicles are often the object of insurance fraud especially when the vehicle has depreciated below the loan amount or the owner has financial problems. An investigation will begin as soon as the insured calls the police to file a report of a missing vehicle. The investigating officer will attempt to get a written statement and may offer a polygraph.

A person accused, investigated or charged with insurance fraud should immediately consult with an attorney. Initially, we advise our clients to refrain from making any statements to detectives or insurance adjusters. We conduct our own preliminary inquiry regarding issues of alibi, motive and/or intent. In virtually every criminal case that we handle, we rarely agree to a polygraph which is requested by the police absent a valid legal reason or strategy to do so. Sometimes, we will utilize the services of a private polygraph examiner which remains confidential to our office and the results are only disclosed when favorable.

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