Metro Airport Region, Romulus Court, TSA Offenses

The City of Romulus is home to Detroit’s Metro Airport. The Courts associated with the Metro Airport region are:

34th District Court
11131 Wayne Rd
Romulus, MI
Phone: 734-941-4462

29th District Court
34808 Sims St
Wayne, MI
Phone: 734-722-5220

The 18th District Court
36675 Ford Rd
Westland, MI
Phone: 734-595-8720

Detroit’s Metro Airport is home to one of busiest airports in the United States which meets the needs of domestic and international travelers. There are hotels, bars and issues within the airport itself that necessitates a visible presence of law enforcement. This area is serviced by several law enforcement agencies including the Romulus Police, Wayne County Sherriff Department and Michigan State Police. State and local traffic and criminal offenses which occur at Detroit Metro Airport are handled at the 34th District Court which is located in the City of Romulus. Homeland Security, Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA) and customs/immigration violations may be pursued as indictable federal crimes. In certain scenarios, both the state and federal government in the United States may prosecute an individual for a single criminal act pursuant to the Dual Sovereignty Doctrine.

The TSA is a Federal agency which provides security for passenger and freight transportation in the United States. A typical TSA violation occurs when someone is caught with an item that is prohibited on an aircraft or beyond a security checkpoint.

In a recent case, our firm represented a client who had a hunting knife in his carry on luggage which was discovered at a TSA checkpoint. Although our client was going on a hunting trip, he was charged with a criminal misdemeanor. 34th District Court (Romulus): We were able to have the charge dismissed with a substantial plea reduction to a non-criminal civil infraction. The person will need to be independently cleared by TSA for future travel purposes.

Metro Airport is also treated as an international border with frequent international flight arrivals and departures. A search of a passenger or luggage may occur without probable cause or a search warrant at all airport security checkpoints but especially those that involve passengers entering the United States from a foreign country. More about border crimes can be found on our web page dedicated to this topic.

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