Non-Residents or Canadians

Facing a Criminal or Drunk Driving Case In Michigan

Michigan residents, as well as individuals residing in another state or Canada, may find themselves in need of a criminal defense lawyer in the Metro Detroit area. Non-residents are confronted with unique geographical, logistical and scheduling hurdles when a legal problem arises away from home. If you find yourself in this position, retain the Abdo Law Firm to make all of the arrangements with the courts, consolidate your court date(s) and provide you with a solid plan to resolve your case.

Legal Solutions and Recommendations for Your Michigan Criminal Case

Stop suffering and hire the Abdo Law Firm. Our capable lawyers will seek the best result, obtain dismissals whenever possible and petition the court to allow you to return home to satisfy your obligations or probation with the court. After being retained, we will make proactive recommendations designed at achieving specific goals. For example, if your case involves alcohol, drugs or violence, we may ask for you to obtain an evaluation or begin a counseling program in your locale. Counseling is often a huge bargaining chip in negotiating a case with the prosecutor and will ultimately impress the court. We may also ask that you find locations in near your hometown for alcohol and drug testing to satisfy the court if such a condition is imposed.

Consolidation and Planning of Your Case

The Abdo Law Firm can appear on your behalf in most Metro Detroit area courts for most non-criminal traffic matters (speeding, careless driving). On the other hand, criminal cases and drunk driving will necessitate court appearances. An exception to this is when we can negotiate and arrange a “plea by mail” with the court. Whenever you are required to appear in person for a court date, our firm will attempt to schedule court dates around your schedule and consolidate court dates whenever multiple appearances are likely. For example, drunk driving cases in Michigan can require up to three (3) appearances or more. In cases like drunk driving, we will aggressively attempt to schedule your case and secure a final resolution with only one (1) appearance. This is accomplished by knowing the courts and scheduling legal proceedings such as the pretrial conference, probation interview and appearance before the judge on the same date!

One Phone Call Can Put You at Ease

You can put your worries aside by contacting our firm. We will usually be able to spell out a plan after talking to you on the telephone (Call: 586-412-5555 or toll free: 844-Got-Abdo). The plan will often include a fixed flat fee for handling your case, establishing lines of communication, arranging your court date(s) and making realistic predictions as to the outcome of your case. Metro Detroit and Beyond: We are networked with attorneys everywhere in Michigan. When a case is out of our reach, we can arrange representation by highly rated lawyers for any criminal or personal injury case through our firm.