Polygraphs and the “He Said, She Said” Case

Michigan Sex Crimes

You should consult with the ABDO LAW FIRM if you are being investigated for a crime. The police may try to get statements or have you take a polygraph which could lead to incriminating evidence. The police will do this when they have a weak case or a case that we call a “he said, she said” case. Our criminal defense lawyers in Clinton Township have experience and know how to deal with the police early on and determine the best course of action for our clients.


Polygraph tests are commonly called "lie detectors." Polygraphs are instruments that monitor physiological reactions (heartbeat, respiratory, blood pressure) which reveal defense mechanisms. They do not detect lies but can only detect whether deceptive behavior is being displayed. Although inadmissible in Michigan Courts, the police will often use a polygraph to pin down details from a suspect. Most criminal defense attorneys are suspicious of polygraphs and are aware of the tricks and tactics employed by law enforcement. Once you take a polygraph, you may be stuck with the results and lose an edge in your case. Our office may recommend that you be examined by an independent polygraph examiner.

How a Polygraph Works

Sex Crimes: The He Said, She Said Case

The testimony of the alleged victim is all that is required to charge someone with a sex crime. Far too often, we see someone charged with a sex crime in a case where there are no witnesses, no medical evidence, no injuries and no proof other than the statement of the alleged victim. We call this the “he said, she said” case. Once charged, a person may be convicted if the prosecutor can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. It is possible that the alleged victim has ulterior motives, is lying and the allegations are false. This scenario requires skillful legal advocacy to negate the commission of a crime. We advise our clients to save text messages, emails and any other evidence which can discredit a lying victim.

The ABDO LAW FIRM knows how to present an effective defense to criminal charges in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne County and will ensure that your rights are protected at all times.