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Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, Drunk Driving, Probation Violations, Traffic, Juvenile Delinquency, License Restorations, Serious Personal Injuries and Death Cases

Efficient, Effective, Proven Results: The ABDO LAW FIRM has the legal resources, reputation and track record of getting unsurpassed results in all Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair and Wayne county courts.

Criminal Defense: Felony and misdemeanor representation, first offenders, habitual (repeat) offenders, criminal investigations, arraignments, warrants, bond hearings, federal crimes, all drug crimes including use/possession/delivery/manufacture of marijuana, heroin, cocaine, analogues, methamphetamine, drug forfeitures, maintaining a drug house, fraudulent prescriptions, all sex crimes, criminal sexual conduct (CSC any degree), child pornography (state or federal), indecent exposure, solicitation, prostitution, larceny crimes, larceny in a building, retail fraud (any degree), shoplifting, false pretenses, credit card fraud (FTD), receiving and concealing stolen property, embezzlement, uttering and publishing, forgery, robbery, home invasion (any degree), breaking and entering, assault crimes, domestic violence, assault with intent to murder, assault with intent to do great bodily harm, assault with a deadly weapon, all firearm and weapon crimes, computer and internet crimes, disorderly conduct, homicide, malicious destruction of property, stalking, child abuse, fleeing and eluding (any degree), resisting and obstructing (any degree), gambling/casino crimes, crimes involving automobiles, international border crimes (Port Huron, Detroit), TSA and airport crimes (Metro Airport and vicinity), conspiracy, aiding and abetting, juvenile cases, out-of state and Canadian residents

Drunk Driving: All first time and repeat offense drinking and driving felonies and misdemeanors, operating while intoxicated or impaired driving, OWI (.08 or more), DUI, OWPD (drugs/marijuana), OWVI, felony drunk driving, super drunk/high BAC (.17 or more), child endangerment, zero tolerance/minor with any BAC (.02 or more), OWI/DUI causing death or serious personal injury, chemical test refusals/implied consent appeals

Probation Violations: All probation violations in circuit and district courts, major and minor violations, drug test violations, new criminal conduct violations, motions to modify probation, motions for early termination of probation, motion for early release from county jail sentences upon good cause

Driver License Restoration and Appeals: Complete services and representation for individuals revoked for multiple drinking and driving or substance abuse offenses, implied consent appeals for breath test refusals, license restoration hearings before the Driver License Appeal Division (DLAD), circuit court appeals, ignition interlock violations (rolling re-test, tamper/circumvent)

Traffic Tickets: All civil infractions and misdemeanor traffic offenses, AVOID POINTS, speeding, disobeying traffic control devices, fail to stop assured clear distance, driving while suspended, DWLS, open intoxicants, leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving, careless driving, fail to yield emergency vehicle, fail to yield school bus

Personal Injuries: Death or serious injuries to occupants or pedestrians involved in motor vehicle/truck/motorcycle accidents, Social Security Disability, worker’s compensation, dog bite cases

Medical Marijuana: Consultations, litigation, caregivers, patients

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