Prostitution and Solicitation

Solicitation, Offer to Engage

The law in Michigan makes it a crime to either engage in the act of prostitution or to offer to engage or solicit another for the purpose of prostitution. Upon conviction under either scenario, a person faces possible jail and a criminal record that is a lifetime source of humiliation and shame. In addition, any motor vehicle involved in these offenses may be seized and forfeited by law enforcement.

Far too often we find that someone charged with an offense such as this will go into a state of paralysis and become too embarrassed and frightened to call a lawyer. Believe me, we have seen it all and there is no need to suffer. There are often legal ways to get control of the case to avoid a stigmatizing conviction.

Engaging or Offering to Engage Services of Female, Soliciting and Accosting

Pursuant to MCL 750.449a, it is a misdemeanor, which can carry 90 days in jail, for a man to engage or offer to engage the sexual services of a female for money. Upon conviction, there is no requirement of registration pursuant to the Michigan Sex Offenders Registration Act. The offense of soliciting and accosting a person to commit prostitution or to do any lewd or immoral act is closely related to this offense (MCL 750.448).

City of Detroit: Prostitution and Solicitation Cases

Offering to engage the services of a prostitute in the City of Detroit carries 45 to 90 days in jail pursuant to ordinance section 38-9-5. In the furtherance of this law, the City of Detroit Police has an ongoing undercover sting operation. Female police officers are used as decoys in areas of known prostitution activity. The officers are wired and when an unsuspecting male makes an offer (money for sex), he is arrested and his motor vehicle is seized.

Hire a Lawyer, Get Results, Available for Out of State Clients

Our criminal defense lawyers will provide discreet but aggressive legal representation if you find yourself charged with any prostitution related crime including cases in Detroit. The underlying criminal charges will become a top priority to resolve in a ways such as amending the prostitution charge to non-sex related offense or dismissal whenever possible. The provisions regarding vehicle forfeiture are harsh and will usually necessitate prompt settlement in order to get a vehicle returned.

Our goals are to maintain a client’s privacy and sanity while attempting to keep the consequences down to a minimum. We have met these goals for numerous clients who live in Michigan, or out of state, and find themselves in need of a lawyer for an impulsive act such as soliciting a prostitute.

Analysis and Answers: Offer to Engage or Solicitation of Prostitute in Detroit

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