Right to Counsel

6th Amendment: Right to an Attorney

The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that a person accused of a crime is entitled to certain protections such as a speedy trial and the opportunity to confront and cross examine witnesses. It also provides that a person charged with a criminal offense is entitled to counsel at every critical stage of his or her criminal case. In Michigan, a person who cannot afford a lawyer is entitled to a court-appointed criminal defense lawyer. When a person requests a court appointed attorney in Michigan Courts, he or she is required to file a statement of financial circumstances. The right to an attorney also applies to minors that are charged with juvenile delinquency cases.

Why Should I Hire a Lawyer?

The police do not play on a level playing field if you are the subject of a criminal investigation. They may lead you to believe that they are just trying to clear up a matter or close a file which is a ploy to gain suspect’s cooperation. The prosecutor is also on the side of law enforcement and does not exist to help those charged with crimes. In addition, court personnel are forbidden by law to give any legal advice. This leaves you with your best option; hiring an experienced local criminal defense lawyer that can set the record straight and get you the best outcome in the legal system.

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Should I Talk to the Police?

The police are trained at getting information or getting the goods on those suspected of crimes. Even if you think that you are fooling the cops, they will use an interview as an opportunity to place you at a crime scene or attempt to uncover a motive. If you are contacted by the police, it is always advisable to get the name and phone number of the investigating officer for your attorney. Don’t be surprised if the police say that you don’t need a lawyer if you didn’t do anything wrong. This is another one of their tricks and ways to get you to talk.

Talking to the police during a criminal investigation is full of potential landmines. If you deny the allegations during an interview, the police will immediately commit you submit to a polygraph examination. If you are caught in a lie, you will face potential criminal charges for lying or obstruction of justice.

Know Your Rights, Hire the Right Attorneys

Know your rights! You have a right to an attorney and a Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. Anything that you say can and will be used against you.

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