Romeo, The North End, and the 42-1 District Court (Division 1)

Romeo, The North End, and the 42-1 District Court (Division 1) Serving a handful of communities in Macomb County's north end, including Romeo, is Division 1 of the 42nd District Court. As of the 2000 census, Romeo, 4.0 square miles in size, had a population of 3,721. In terms of location, Romeo is neighbors with Ray Township, Washington Township, Armada Township, and Ray Township (all served by the 42nd District Court, Division 1). Romeo is a historically rich community, and in some instances its buildings still have their original furnishings dating back to the Civil War. Every Labor Day Weekend Romeo hosts the Peach Festival, an annual event dating back to 1931. Michigan's iconic celebrity, Kid Rock, was born in the city of Romeo. Bordering St. Clair County (and somewhat located inside it) is the City of Richmond. It should be noted that while it is next to Richmond Township, the City of Richmond is governmentally autonomous from its neighbor of the same name. The city, with a population 5,606 (as of 2008), was created by the Michigan Legislature in 1879.

In addition to the many cities named above, 42nd District Court, Division 1, also serves the city of Memphis. The Court is located at 14713 33 Mile Road, Romeo, Michigan 48065, and is presided over by the Honorable Judge Dennis R. LeDuc. It can be reached via phone at (586) 752-9679.