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Romeo, The North End, and the 42-1 District Court (Division 1)

The 42-1 District Court/Romeo Division: Jurisdiction Over Several Northern Macomb Communities (Romeo, Washington Township, Richmond Township and More)

The 42 District Court, Division 1, also known as the Romeo Division, serves a handful of communities in north Macomb County including: Armada, Armada Township, Bruce Township, Memphis, Ray Township, Richmond, Richmond Township, Romeo, Washington Township. At 180 square miles, the 42-1 District Court is the largest in Macomb County. ABDO LAW represents individuals accused or charged with a misdemeanor, felony or DUI in the 42-1 District Court that arise in these locales:

  • Washington Township: The largest community under the jurisdiction of the 42-1 District Court is Washington Township with a population of approximately 25,000 and continuing to see economic and population growth. Washington Township also has a major retail hub at the intersection of 26 Mile Road and Van Dyke.
  • Romeo: Romeo is a historically rich community, and in some instances its buildings still have their original furnishings dating back to the Civil War. Every Labor Day Weekend Romeo hosts the Peach Festival, an annual event dating back to 1931.
  • Richmond: The City of Richmond occupies 2.89 square miles and has a population of approximately 6,000. It located on the St. Clair County Border and has its own police department
  • Richmond Township: Richmond Township occupies 37 square miles. Police services are provided by the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department and the Michigan State Police the Richmond Township. It is also a sparsely populated area with under 10,000 residents.
  • Memphis: Little Memphis, is approximately 1 square mile and has its own police department for a population of approximately 1,200.
  • Armada: Armada is the smallest community in the 42-1 District with a land mass of under 1 square mile and a population of less than 2,000. Yet it has its own police force with 1 Dodge Charger and 1 Ford F-150.
  • Armada Township: Armada Township occupies a land mass and population almost identical to Richmond Township.
  • Ray Township: Ray Township, an area of 36 square miles, is experiencing growth along Romeo Plank with construction of retail plazas and residential dwellings.
42nd District Court, Division 1 (Romeo Division)

The 42-1 District Court is located at 14713 33 Mile Road, Romeo, Michigan 48065, Phone: 752-9679, Criminal Ex: 4, Traffic Ex: 5. Judge Dennis Leduc has been the presiding judge at this court since 2002. He is a perfect fit for this court and will let litigants know that his court is in the “conservative” part of the county.

Here are some important things to know if you have legal business at the 42-1 District Court in Romeo:

  • Fines and costs: In addition to component of fines, the 42-1 District Court will assess court costs, probation oversight expenses and other statutory fees. All Fines and costs are EXPECTED to be paid on the date of sentence.
  • Parents attendance: Parents are encouraged to appear and stand up when a child is present in court for a legal matter (individuals at age 17 are tried as adults for crimes in Michigan but usually entitled to HYTA to get the offense sealed and dismissed.).
  • Testing: In most cases involving alcohol or drugs, random testing will be ordered. Modification of testing may be requested after serving a period of probation with 100% compliance.
  • Dress appropriately: Your case may not be heard if you are not dressed appropriately.
  • NO ADVICE FROM COURT PERSONELL: Court personnel do not give legal advice.
  • Right to a lawyer: The Judge is required to remain impartial and will advise individuals charged with a criminal matter or driving under the influence to OBTAIN AN ATTORNEY.
  • Arraignment: Criminal charges are read to the accused party and bond is set at the arraignment. A high cash bond or one that requires you to hire a bondsman is not usual for a serious felony or when the judge believes an individual is a community or flight risk. An attorney’s presence by the side of you or a loved one at the arraignment can save you thousands of dollars that you would otherwise be required to post with the court or to a bondsman.
  • Right to Remain Silent: If you are being investigated for a crime, obtain the name and phone number of the detective. Do not agree to make any statements and contact a lawyer. Let further calls from any police agency go to voicemail and have your attorney contact the investigating officer to determine the best course of action.

Link to 42-2 District Court, New Baltimore Division

North End of Macomb Policed Mostly by Macomb Sheriff’s Department

The biggest geographical areas in North Macomb County utilize the services of the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department for law enforcement services. This includes Washington Township, Ray Township, Armada Township and Richmond Township which encompass more than 90% of the geographical area of the 42-1 District. The Macomb Sheriff’s Department reported 5,757 incidents of crime in 2017 for the entire County of Macomb while the Village of Romeo reported a total of 378 incidents and Memphis (1 square mile) reported only 23 incidents.

Criminal, DUI and Traffic Matters in the 42-1 District Court

According to statistics, more than 90% of all criminal cases are resolved by a plea bargain. A pretrial conference is schedule for misdemeanors and a probable cause conference for felonies. These proceedings are commonly used to engage in negotiations on behalf of clients accused of crimes. If a plea bargain is achieved, the case can be concluded without trial. A person is NOT REQUIRED TO ACCEPT A PLEA BARGAIN. A jury trial is guaranteed for any person charged with a criminal offense. The following scenarios are representative of matters handled by ABDO LAW criminal defense lawyers at the 42-1 District Court:

  • Felony Offenses: In certain circumstances a felony can be reduced to a misdemeanor ending the case. ABDO LAW has obtained misdemeanors for serious felonies such as Uttering & Publishing, Embezzlement, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Strangulation, Larceny in Building, Larceny from a Motor Vehicle, Resisting & Obstructing and Fleeing & Eluding.
  • Youthful Offenders: For youthful offenders (age 17 but below age 24) most non-traffic misdemeanors and felonies punishable up to 20 years in prison can be sealed and dismissed pursuant to HYTA.
  • Retail Fraud: A deferred sentence can be negotiated for retail fraud (shoplifting) and most other misdemeanors (disorderly conduct, malicious destruction of property). Upon successful completion of the deferral conditions, the court will grant a dismissal
  • Drug Crimes: A person can get a misdemeanor or serious felony drug charge (possession of heroin, MDMA, cocaine, analogues, LSD) dismissed and sealed pursuant to MCL 333.7411. A person may only use this provision of law once.
  • Domestic Violence: Pursuant to MCL 769.4a, a domestic violence offense may be taken under advisement, sealed and dismissed. There are always conflicting accounts in domestic violence cases which we regularly schedule for trial more than any other crime. If the victim can be discredited or fails to appear for trial, we will move for an outright DISMISSAL.
  • Driving Under the Influence: Driving under the influence can occur if a person has consumed excessive alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs. A first-time offender is usually granted a reduction to “impaired driving” which does not entail jail or loss of license. A second time offender within 7 years of a prior DUI faces mandatory license revocation. A person with 3 lifetime DUI offenses can be charged with a felony. Felony DUI cases are challenging because they carry mandatory jail (up to 5 years in prison). Fighting to get a felony DUI reduced to a misdemeanor is a realistic goal depending upon many circumstances which ABDO LAW can explain.
  • Fighting Traffic Tickets: The 42-1 District Court in Romeo is the largest district in Macomb County with several roads and highways that hot spots for traffic tickets. Catching a speeding ticket in downtown Romeo or on the Van Dyke / M-53 expressway is quite common. We are seeing a greater number of speeding tickets at 100 mph as well. Fighting a traffic ticket is one of the most worthwhile investments that you can possibly make. Each point that you avoid can save you hundreds, sometimes even thousands in insurance costs. Eligible clients can get traffic tickets reduced to offenses which DO NOT CARRY ANY POINTS AND ARE NOT ABSTRACTED on a driving record.

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The level of service exceeded my expectations, your devotion to my refusal to settle for a lessor misdemeanor was reassuring and inspired, and the team's creative interpretation of the law in finding a comparable civil infraction was legendary. It was a five-star experience. Thank you for refusing to settle when I was innocent of my accused crime. Satisfied Client, Assault Charge DISMISSED
Matt and his staff...turned a terrible situation in my life into a positive life learning experience. Not many court cases end up being a positive in life, but Abdo Law delivered just that. Going with their firm was the best decision I could have made and I owe them everything for turning my bad decision into a extremely manageable situation. Thank you Abdo law!!!! Bill L., Satisfied Client
The Abdo Law Firm represented myself during one of my biggest times of need in my life. They handled my cases with ease and met my expectations far beyond what I anticipated. Not only did they got one, but two domestic violence charges completely dropped. I would have been lost without this five-star Law Firm. Satisfied Client, 2 Separate Assault Charges DISMISSED
Abdo law FOUGHT and got my DUI kicked out of court when my job was on line. Five Stars! Satisfied Client, OWI DISMISSED