St. Clair Shores and the 40th District Court

Located about 15 miles northeast of downtown Detroit, the city of St. Clair Shores is home to some 63,000 people and 14.2 square miles in size. The City borders Lake St. Clair, the lake from which the city derives its name. The city has a history dating back to the early 1700s when it was inhabited by French settlers. Until the 1950s, St. Clair Shores was a resort community and home to an amusement park named Jefferson Beach. After much of the park was destroyed by a fire St. Clair Shores was rebuilt as a suburban city. There was rapid growth after World War II, and before the city was incorporated in 1951, it held the record as the largest village in the country. St. Clair Shores is home to three school districts, Lakeview Public Schools, South Lake Schools and Lake Shore Public Schools. Each one of these district has its own high school.

The Abdo Law Firm holds St. Clair Shores in a special place as its founder, Cy M. Abdo, was raised there and graduated from Lakeview High School in 1973. Cy's father bought a home in St. Clair Shores in 1955 with a $25.00 deposit and a Veteran Administration mortgage.

St. Clair Shores is served by the 40th District Court, located at 27701 Jefferson, St. Clair Shores, Michigan 48081. The Court is presided over by the Honorable Judge Mark A. Fratarcangeli and Joseph Craigen Oster. You can reach the 40th District Court by phone at (586) 445-4003.