The City of Berkley and the 45-A District Court

The City of Berkley, located within Oakland County, was incorporated in 1932 and is now home to 14,970 people. Covering 2.6 square miles Berkley's eastern border is Woodward Avenue. Berkley is full of attractive neighborhoods. It has charming homes with a small town feel but still offers residents and visitors easy access to the entire Detroit metropolitan area.


Because of its proximity to Woodward Avenue, the city hosts and participates in various events that surround the Woodward Dream Cruise. This is the world's largest one-day automotive event, with over 1.5 million people attending each year. Downtown Berkley offers quaint privately-owned shops, and is home to many restaurants as well. The Yellow Door and Catching Fireflies, both owned by the same family, offer local artist's work for sale and have been growing in popularity in recent years. Amici's Pizza offers an extravagant martini menu as well as award-winning pizza. The restaurant is situated conveniently in downtown Berkley, on Coolidge Highway.

Berkley Government and the 45-A District Court

The 45-A District Court which services Berkley is located at:

45-A District Court
3338 Coolidge Highway
Berkley, MI 48072

To access the City of Berkley's directory, click here. The 45-A District Court is presided over by Honorable James L. Wittenberg.