Workers’ Compensation

Michigan Workers’ Compensation Claims

An employee who suffers an injury in the course of employment may claim benefits under the Michigan Workers’ Disability Compensation Act. The purpose of the act is to provide wages, medical and rehabilitation compensation to eligible persons who sustain work related injuries. The ABDO LAW FIRM can help those that have suffered work related injuries or disabilities and are not being treated fairly after making an application for workers’ compensation benefits. Also, we can seek additional benefits when your workers’ compensation is cut or reduced by the insurance carrier.

Injuries must arise out employment

Section 301 of the Workers' Disability Compensation Act states:An employee, who receives a personal injury arising out of and in the course of employment by an employer who is subject to this act at the time of the injury, shall be paid compensation as provided in this act.

An individual should report any work related injury to the employer immediately. Failure to do so may cast doubt upon how and when the injury occurred. Some injuries which cause disability, such as spinal injuries, can occur by doing a single act or over a period of time. In fact, spinal injuries (preventing back injury video) such as lumbar sprain or strain, disc protrusion and compression fractions are some of the most common work related injuries. Usually, the type of work contributes to certain types of injuries. For example, carpenters, roofers and the construction trades may suffer from spinal, knee or work related injuries from power equipment. Press operators and line workers may encounter injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome when job performance entails repetitive motion. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics and OSHA tracks information pertaining to work related injuries.

Injuries before or after working hours while on employment premises

The Workers' Disability Compensation Act provides that an employee who sustains an injury going to or from his or her work, while on the premises where the employee's work is to be performed, and within a reasonable time before and after his or her working hours, is presumed to be in the course of employment.

Michigan is a work loss compensation state. Establishing an injury and wage loss can be a complicated process which requires the legal skills of experienced personal injury lawyers. We warn you that the insurance company may engage in surveillance to contest your injury.

Contact the ABDO LAW FIRM if you have sustained a work related injury, disability or death. It is our goal to obtain the maximum workers’ compensation benefits which are allowed by law including claims or lawsuits against other responsible parties whenever appropriate.

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