Truck and Commercial Vehicle Violations

Overweight Truck Violations – Macomb, Wayne, Oakland, and St Clair Counties

Though Michigan has the highest weight limit for trucks operating within the United States, 164,000 pounds versus the Federal standard of 80,000 pounds, truckers are routinely cited for operating on Michigan roads with an overweight load or axle violation. Pursuant to MCL 257.722, a driver may be cited for operating a truck over the weight limit. Trucking companies and drivers (who are personally on the hook for such a charge) should be advised that this infraction carries the following repercussions;

  • Failure to Appear in Court FAC suspension
  • Failure to Comply with Judgment FCJ suspension
  • Traffic points and possible criminal penalties including jail
  • $1,000.00’s in fines
  • Personal court appearance before a judge
Some Facts About Truck Weight Limits

The majority of trucks engaged in interstate trade can be assumed to operate at no more than 80,000 pounds (based upon the Federal weight limit law). As a result, it is estimated that under 5% of all trucks using Michigan roads carry more than 80,000 pounds when actually operated. The key to Michigan’s truck-weight law is designed to control axle loads instead of gross vehicle weight. This is because research has shown that pavement damage is related to axle loadings, not gross vehicle weight. Michigan limits the weight allowed on individual axles, depending upon the spacing between them, with a maximum of eleven axles.

ABDO LAW, works on traffic matters, including commercial/semi-truck violations, regularly in Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, and St. Clair Counties. In particular, the 72nd District Court located in the City of Port Huron, County of St. Clair, is where we are seeing the greatest enforcement of weight limit and commercial truck violations. This area represents a major crossing point in and out of the United States and Canada via the Blue Water Bridge with access to interstate expressways I-94 and I-69. If your employee or trucking company has received an infraction for having an overweight truck, unsafe load, bypassing a weigh station or other traffic or criminal matter, ABDO LAW can efficiently assist you in several ways by:

  • Avoiding office and court appearances
  • Signing up via email, fax and phone communications
  • Fixed flat rate retainer with no hidden costs
  • Appearing in court on behalf of the driver and trucking company
  • Fighting to reduce charge, points, fine and court costs
  • Arranging payment options with the court

Michigan drivers with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), and any other professional driver, knows the value in maintaining a clean record and getting legal representation to promptly resolve any traffic ticket or overweight truck violation. Whether you’re an in-state, out-of-state or a Canadian driver of a semi-truck or other motor vehicle, our goal is to minimize the all ramifications of an offense (fine, court costs, points, criminal charges)and resolve the matter in an effective convenient manner. These cases are very manageable if met head on but can create a serious burden if ignored including a warrant and licensing sanctions. Contact ABDO LAW for a FREE CONSULTAION to discuss your legal options if you or your company is charged with a Michigan trucking violation case, overweight commercial carrier/semi-truck, axle violation, traffic or criminal related motor vehicle matter.